Estate planning can be deceptively complex.

Every family is different. Add to that constantly-changing state and federal laws, and you get far too many people who choose to avoid the process altogether. Unfortunately, no plan is worse than a bad plan. 
Our goal at helm. is simple: We provide estate planning in North and South Carolina and work with you to develop a plan that preserves your entire legacy including your family, faith, values, and financial goals. There’s more to your life than just an insurance policy, a house, or a 401(k). In a nutshell, helm gives our clients peace of mind that in the event of their death, they have a solid legal foundation in place. 




As part of our goal-oriented estate planning process, we seek to understand you first. Our advice ultimately hinges on how well specific estate planning steps can advance your goals. We always use plain English and easy to understand visual aids, because you’re not a lawyer...we get it. 

Our personal mission at helm. is to make estate planning as accessible, efficient, and streamlined as possible. That way individuals, families, and business owners will be more motivated to ensure their legacies, ensuring fewer families and business partners have to deal with the disastrous fallout of a lack of planning.
We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved in your process.



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